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Workers who make a living at sea and at port in the oil and shipping industries are protected by a special set of federal laws when they are injured on the job, regardless of who is to blame. Despite this, getting fully compensated often requires overcoming complex legal hurdles.

This specific set of laws has become the focus of law firms across the country. But don’t be fooled as you consider your options. Not every maritime injury case is the same as the next, and a history of large settlements does not necessarily mean a firm has handled a case like yours before. Instead of going it alone, let us use our individualized approach to put together your team of maritime law attorneys. Sometimes the most advantageous solution is a combination of lawyers with different strengths and experience. Once you become our client, your fees will NEVER increase no matter how many lawyers or law firms are retained on your case.


Our interests will always be aligned with yours and you can rely on our experience. Get the benefit of our experience today.