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Maritime Injury FAQ

Compensation for Injured Maritime Workers

If you were injured at sea or at port, we know you’ve gone through a painful ordeal, and hiring an attorney may be the last thing on your mind as you deal with your recovery. But we are here to help you assess your case and determine if a lawsuit is your best option. It’s vital that you understand the options available to you.

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Can I file a claim for any offshore injury?

Generally speaking, if the injury happened in the course of work, yes. Common examples include head injuries, neck and back injuries or any other type of injury that requires treatment. These accidents are often caused by falls or other dangers.

Does my injury qualify for maintenance and cure?

The law says that maritime workers are entitled to have their medical expenses paid by their employer when they are injured on the job. This is known as maintenance and cure. You should speak with an attorney if you’ve been injured on the job about getting the fullest compensation possible.

Can I blame the “unseaworthiness” of the vessel for my injury?

An unseaworthy vessel is an unsafe vessel, and you shouldn’t have to make it your place of work. Federal law requires owners and operators to keep a vessel up to certain standards of safety. This includes making sure it is free of unnecessary hazards and that all equipment is properly maintained. When a failure to do so injures a worker, the owner or operator can be held responsible.

Our attorneys can hold them accountable and seek compensation for your suffering. Contact us today.

I was injured on a jack-up rig. Can I file a lawsuit?

Yes. Our attorneys represent workers who were injured on all kinds of vessels, or even at port.

I tripped and injured myself on the ship. Isn’t that my fault?

You may still be entitled to benefits and compensation under maritime law. The law typically requires employers to provide assistance and compensation regardless of who was at fault for the incident that occurred.

If your employer was negligent, you may be entitled to additional compensation. If this is the case, you should speak with us today.

What if my injury was the fault of a co-worker?

You may still seek compensation. The law requires employers to provide medical benefits and compensation regardless of fault, and it’s also possible your employer may bear responsibility for the actions of your co-worker.

Under the Jones Act, injured employees may be eligible for additional compensation if the employer is deemed negligent. This negligence may include:

  • Hiring incompetent or inexperienced crew
  • Providing insufficient training
  • Understaffing a vessel

I was injured while working on a construction site in the harbor. Am I eligible for compensation under maritime law?

Yes. Regardless of fault, you may be eligible for medical benefits, lost wages and other compensation for the injuries you sustained. The Longshore and Harbor Worker Compensation Act provides benefits for longshoremen, harbor workers and shipbuilders — even if the work was done onshore. Benefits include medical coverage and compensation for disability up to 66.6% of the employee’s salary.

I’m the wife/husband of a worker who was killed at sea. Am I entitled to compensation?

Yes. Under maritime law, family members – including spouses, children and dependents – are eligible for compensation if a maritime worker is killed in a work-related accident. Family members may be eligible to receive funeral expenses, projected future wages and additional compensation.

Will I get in trouble or get blacklisted for talking to a maritime lawyer?

No. You have the right to an attorney to better understand the claim process. If your employer is trying to discourage you from seeking legal advice about your injury, that is a good sign that you probably need an attorney to get fully compensated.

Is an employer responsible to take an injured crew to shore?

Employers are legally responsible for providing a safe workplace and responding appropriately when a worker is injured. If you were injured and you weren’t taken to get the care you need, contact us today. You may have a valid claim.

How much will it cost to hire a maritime attorney?

We collect a fee only if we are able to secure compensation for you. You pay nothing unless we win. If you are compensated, we collect a predetermined percentage of the recovery.

What type of compensation may I be eligible for?

Each case is different, but compensation can include:

  • Medical expenses, past and future
  • Rehabilitation
  • Funeral expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of earning capacity

How can Avram Blair & Associates help with my case?

Many attorneys claim to be experienced in the field of maritime law. But the truth is that not all maritime claims are the same. Your future may depend on choosing the right lawyer.

Allow us to use our experience and our network of connections to find the best maritime lawyer for you. We have developed deep connections with law firms across the nation. We know who the big players are in the field of maritime law, and we know where they excel.

  • Our recommendation is based on the legal specifics of your case. We offer individual recommendations — not blanket ones.
  • We retain joint representation, meaning we don’t just hand you off to another attorney.
  • Why go it alone in your search? These benefits are yours at no added cost.

Do you handle cases in my state?

We handle maritime cases from across the Gulf Coast and across the nation. Our connections with attorneys near and far help us serve injured maritime workers throughout the U.S.

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