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Maritime Neck & Back Injuries

Neck and back injuries can occur in many occupations, but the harsh conditions of work at sea leave maritime workers particularly vulnerable. These injuries are all too common for seamen who work long hours and fall victim to a fall on a slippery deck or the accrual of years of lifting heavy objects.

You may need an attorney in order to seek the compensation entitled to you by federal law, and it is essential that you choose the right one. Your future may depend on it. Allow us to use our decades of experience to find the right attorney for your unique case.

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Injuries Range from Discomfort to Paralysis

Injuries to your neck and back can include:

  • Spinal cord injuries, which can lead to paralysis
  • Fractured vertebrae
  • Herniated disks
  • Chronic pain
  • Compression fractures

These injuries can result in the need for pricey medications, physical therapy or even surgery. They can be extremely painful, and severe injuries may prevent you from working for months, years or even the remainder of your life.

Such injuries can make it difficult to understand how you will be able to provide for your family. But there is help available.

Is Your Vessel Seaworthy?

Owners are legally required to maintain seaworthy vessels under the Jones Act. This includes providing work spaces free of foreseeable hazards, with well-maintained equipment, proper safeguards and a general lack of unnecessary danger. An employer who fails to do so can be found negligent after an injury, and the affected worker may be able to collect compensation beyond your medical costs and lost wages. An unseaworthy vessel is a unsafe vessel.

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Regardless of who is to blame for your injury, compensation may be available under federal law. Maritime law is a complicated legal field, but we can help you navigate through it.

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